Pet Resort

Room rates starting at $29.00!

Why stay at a Pet Hotel when you can stay at the Royal Resort? Our resorts are built with the utmost comfort for every pet. We have lush grass dog parks, spacious suites with private play yards and the ability to watch your pet over the web. All without emptying your wallet.

Isn’t it time to live like royalty?

Playtime fit for a King or Queen

Pet Resort PlaytimeWe know that your furry friend does not mess around when it comes to playing, & neither do we. Our air-conditioned dog park was developed with both the pet & the parent in mind to provide the most fun doggie day care experience imaginable.

We use a padded synthetic turf that absorbs the routine shock on a dog’s joints, so they stay happy and healthy even after play-time is over. Our state-of-the-art drainage system keeps our “grass” clean and dry without any worries of little accidents. The entire experience is overseen by our friendly and knowledgeable staff, ensuring the fun and safety for all Royal Pets.

It is just like home..if you live in a palace

Here is just a sample of what’s available:

  • Concierge on-site 24 hrs./day
  • Flat screen TV in all suites
  • Grassed relief area
  • Suites with outdoor play yard
  • Play time in the park available
  • Treat time

16010 Mapledale Blvd.
Carrollwood, FL 33624


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