Costume Alternatives For Your Dog


Some dogs are the perfect representation of the Jims in our lives (cue The Office theme song), and they are simply not OK with dressing up in ridiculous costumes for the Halloween. And guess what? That’s totally fine, especially since there are other easy-to-wear options that are still adorable and will properly get them into the Halloween spirit. It’s best not to stress them out and find an alternative way to keep them included in the fun.

In this blog post, we’ll cover some alternative costume ideas for your pup, which include everything from harnesses to t-shirts. At Royal Pets Market and Resort, we’re currently offering a great Halloween pet selection at our pet market in Tampa Bay. Get in the holiday spirit and check out our pet products today! We also offer boarding, grooming and veterinary services for your convenience — we are your one-stop pet shop in the Tampa Bay area.

Keep reading below to find out what you can dress your dog up in when they don’t want to mess with any fancy Halloween bells and whistles, such as boots, hoods or hats.

For The Dogs OK With Wearing T-Shirts

There are various Halloween-themed shirts that your dog will enjoy if they’re OK with snuggling up in a tiny, doggy-designated t-shirt. From spider webs to Jack-O-Lanterns, there are shirts out there with simple designs that are enough to turn up your pup’s “awww” factor around guests and to get them into the holiday spirit.

You can also choose t-shirts that mimic a particular costume without having all the fancy additions. For example, a shirt that is labeled with “SECURITY” can turn your furry friend into a security officer for the night, or a shirt that is striped with black-and-white can make for an excellent prisoner costume.

For The Dogs Who Dig Harnesses

If your dog is comfortable with wearing a harness, we suggest choosing a holiday-themed harness for them. Some harnesses boast a simple yet adorable Halloween design, such as a pumpkin or skeleton bones.

Other harnesses have a bit more going on, if your dog can handle it. For example, you can find harnesses with dragon, angel or bat wings attached to them, and you can find mini tuxedo-like harnesses as well. Whatever you opt for, get creative and find something that perfectly fits the personality of your furry friend! It’ll make the photos you take of them on Halloween night that much cuter.


For The Dogs Who Can Sport A Bandana

Sometimes, if a shirt or a harness just won’t cut it for your pup, we suggest trying to find a Halloween-themed bandana to wrap around their neck.

Of course, there are the traditional, go-to bandanas that feature images of pumpkins, skeletons and more. But if you’re looking for something a bit more unique and different, we’ve found Halloween bandanas that are perfect for the sassy pups in your life. Here are some awesome catchphrases we’ve found on several Halloween dog bandanas this year:

  • “This is my costume. Get over it.”
  • “Witches Be Trippin.”
  • “Trick Or Treat”
  • And more!

For The Dogs Who Can Only Handle A Collar (And That’s About It)

Most of our dogs can handle a collar, especially since most of us keep these on them throughout the year.

Simply swap out your dog’s usual collar with one that is designed for Halloween. Some examples include a skull and crossbones collar, a collar that is themed to one of your favorite movies or books (i.e. Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc.), or a glow-in-the-dark collar for a spoooooky effect.

If a collar still doesn’t do the trick, no worries. Your pup can still partake in Halloween fun without having to dress up! We know there are some humans out there that do that every year, and you can always try again next Halloween.

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What are you waiting for? Make this a Halloween for the books and visit our Tampa Bay location today! And don’t forget to take a lot of pictures of your pets for the memories.

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