Don’t Bark Up The Wrong Tree: Dog Walking Etiquette Made Simple


How complicated could a concept like walking your dog possibly get? You fasten a leash onto their collar and walk alongside them. Easy, right? It’s true that walking your dog is a pretty straightforward activity, but there are a number of right and wrongs when it comes to walking your dog in a polite, safe, and respectful manner.

Dog Walking Insight From Our Tampa Pet Market

At the expense of complicating an otherwise simple (and quite enjoyable) activity, your friends over at Royal Pets Market & Resort, your go-to Tampa Bay pet market for dog beds, cat toys, and all things related to pet supplies, offers some insight on how to make your daily dog walking session a little safer, more responsible, and even more fun for your pup. If both you and your dog are benefitting in this situation, that’s a win/win in our book!

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First Things First: Always Use a Leash

This is perhaps the single most important thing when it comes to safely walking your dog, and should probably go without saying. Unless you’re on private or fenced-in property or the dog park, keep them leashed. Even more so, you should consider leashing your dog to a harness as opposed to a standard collar.

Consider Equipping Your Dog With a Harness

That brings us to our next point. For dogs out there who are aren’t quite trained to walk in sync with their owner and tend to lead the walk, a harness is a safe and comfortable way to have a little more control when you go to pull on the leash. Moreso, your curious little (or not so little) explorer won’t be choking themselves with their own collar when you go to pull back on the leash. That’s because it’s attached to a harness which evenly distributes the force throughout their torso and limbs, not their neck.

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Don’t Skip On Poop Duty

Really, don’t be the guy who leaves his dog’s excrement on the sidewalk of a respectful, HOA-enforced subdivision. Just…don’t. Be respectful and mindful of those (namely, fellow dog owners) who use the same sidewalks, roads, and paths to walk on and keep things clean and clear. Many dog-friendly areas offer pick up bags every few blocks, paired with a trash can to properly dispose of your dog’s impromptu gift to you.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Be careful. Even if you have a 12-year old “good boy” with a calm temperament, who knows what’s going to unexpectedly trigger him. A rogue squirrel could send him yanking at the leash when you’re busy looking for the next track to play on Spotify, or a previously-quiet-but-now-barking dog could run up and make aggressive advances on your dog at any moment.

Don’t tune out by blaring loud music and staring at your phone during the walk. At the very least, keep one earbud out and scan your peripherals every now and then to spot anything that might spark a canine altercation.

Learn When It’s Worth To Cross The Street

Speaking of altercations, it’s also good to know when not to pass another dog and their owner when you’re walking on the sidewalk. Sure, everyone has a right to walk and pass each other on the sidewalk, and while your dogs might smell each other in a friendly manner and leave it at that, you never know what could happen.

We’re not necessarily suggesting that you should be outright paranoid when it comes to encounters with other dogs and their owners. However, if your dog has a demonstrated history of anxiety with bigger dogs, it’s a good idea to pass by at a safe distance to avoid anything bad happening altogether.

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