Ensuring That You’re Using Safe (And Avoiding Unsafe) Toys For Your Dog


A visit to Royal Pets Market & Resort means that you’re going to be immersed in a world of cat and dog toys. Really — our aisles are lined with the latest, greatest, and most importantly, safest toys for your pets to enjoy. Whether you have a teething puppy or a cat that’s tearing up every possible source of fabric in your apartment, we have a fitting pet toy just for your playful one!

Expert Veterinary Care In Palm Harbor And Tampa Bay

To help address and ease the concerns about harmful materials found in certain pet products, our pet market and veterinary clinic in Palm Harbor would like you to know that we only stock products that are safe and Royal Pets-approved. To encourage transparency, we also encourage you to talk with our veterinarians or management with any specific questions about the products that we carry. Visit any one of our four locations to learn more!

Below, we’re going to take a brief look at various dog toy materials.

What You Should Avoid

Balls are great for playing fetch, but make sure that you’re using the right ones. Balls with single air holes should be avoided because they can create a dangerous suction trap in your dog’s esophagus. Sticks and stones may seem like fun natural toys, and while that’s true, they also present valid choking hazards, so avoid them at all costs.

Avoid soft plastics and any toys that have been treated with fire retardant or any stain guards (we’re unsure as to why certain toys even come with these treatments). Heavily dyed toys should also be avoided as your dog’s saliva is sure to break down the dyes and cause them to bleed into their mouth. No thank you!

What You Should Consider

Ultimately, it’s up to you as the owner to seek out and purchase the right dog toys, but our veterinarians in Palm Harbor and Tampa Bay generally recommend toys from natural, hard rubber such as a Kong. You should also look for dog toys made with “New Material Only,” meaning that they’re not made from reprocessed fabric, vinyl, or plastics.

Plush, stuffed dog toys can be choking hazards, but some plush toys also come with “Chew Guard” technology, which basically means that they can better withstand rigorous playtime.

All Things Considered

Ultimately, finding the most appropriate toys for your dog comes down to their breed, size, and unique personality characteristics, as well as activity level. If you’re left unsure about what to get for your dog, rest assured that our Palm Harbor veterinarians are more than happy to discuss what the best options for your pup are. Better yet, you can trust that Royal Pets Market & Resort only stocks dog toys made from approved materials. It doesn’t get much easier as a dog owner!

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