Giving Pets as Gifts: What You Need to Know Part II


Welcome back to our segment on giving pets as gifts! In our first blog, we mentioned some of the initial things to consider when getting a pet for a loved one. The holidays are all about giving, and can be a great opportunity to get your kids or your significant other the present of a lifetime. However, there is so much to consider when getting a pet for someone else. Reflecting on your needs, as well as theirs, is crucial to gift giving of this magnitude.

Whether you’re getting a pet for your loved ones or simply wanting to treat Trixie to something special, Royal Pets Market & Resort is the place to make that happen. With three locations, you don’t have to travel far to visit our St. Petersburg, Apopka, or Palm Harbor pet stores! Make an appointment for pet grooming or finalize your travel plans by booking pet boarding, and in the meantime, see some more tips on giving pets as gifts this season!


Figure out the type of pet you’re getting.

At this point, you should already have in mind who you’ll be giving a pet for the holidays. You might be thinking, “they want a dog, so I’m getting them a dog!” or “they want a snake, so I’m going to get them the best kind there is!” Yet figuring out the species of pet is the very, very beginning of figuring out what kind of pet they need. Dogs have exceptionally different personalities between breeds, and require a lot of research before picking one up. The needs of a greyhound are drastic compared to the needs of a Shih Tzu—whereas one breed might be perfect for your family, another might not be a good fit.

Similarly, you need to decide on the ideal age of your pet—puppies are adorable, but tons of work. Kittens are less work than puppies, but still require essential training. You need to figure out the type of commitment you’re able to take on—not simply which commitment looks the cutest.

Speaking of age, lifespan is crucial to reflect upon as well. Cats can live to be over a decade, and in some instances, closer to two decades. Smaller mammals, such as gerbils, hamsters, and mice, live usually no longer than two to five years. Thinking a goldfish might be a great short term pet option? Think again—some goldfish live up to 25 years!


Prepare for the pet.

One thing you might want to do before getting a pet is stopping into Royal Pets Market & Resort to speak with one of our team members. We can help discuss some of the essentials to get before your pet’s arrival, for nearly any type of pet. We’d be honored to help you find the best supplies possible!

Every pet will need some type of shelter, and some way to eat and drink water. In addition to these basics, some form of entertainment is usually a great idea, particularly for more active animals. In further preparations, think about the amount of time that should be allocated to your pet after their arrival. For animals that require more attention, you’ll to designate a good amount of time familiarizing them with their new environment, as well as training them. The first few weeks after you have a dog, you’ll need to check up on them more, which will absolutely require more time.

Whew! There is so much to consider when giving a pet as a gift! If after all these considerations you think getting a pet for the holidays might not be the best time, that’s OK! Giving a pet is a tremendous gift, and one that requires lots to think over. We know that no matter what, you’ll get a pet when it works best for you and your family. And when you’re ready for that pet, come down to Royal Pets Market & Resort to find everything you need, including dog grooming and pet boarding! We look forward to seeing you at our pet store!

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