Home Organization With Your Pet In Mind


Even though our social media profiles would suggest otherwise, the inside of our homes tend to get…less than organized. We get it; the daily chaos that we tend to call “life” can render you with little, if any, time to clean up and reorganize your belongings at home.

If you’ve been thinking about getting your very first cat or dog, allow us to cue an adorable distraction. Introducing a new member to your home is a big deal for all parties involved, and though you won’t be designing a nursery room for a newborn baby, there are a number of odds and ends that you’ll want to consider in order to make your new pet’s stay as comfortable as possible.

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Cleverly Conceal Your Pet’s Food And Water Bowls

You’re probably not the first dog or cat owner to get frustrated when you’ve tripped over their bowls. If you haven’t yet adopted your pet, it’s worth your while to avoid this problem altogether by planning ahead and integrating your pet’s bowl placement into your furniture or kitchen hardware (if possible).

Cutting out circular holes into a slide out drawer is always a space-saving and efficient solution, but if you’re not up to making this a full-blown DIY project, simply place the bowls in a place that doesn’t receive that much foot traffic — simple, but effective.

Hang Leashes and Collars Up By Your Front Door

Your car keys can get a little lonely from time to time when they’re hung up all on their own. Give them a little company and throw up any leashes, collars, and poop bags near your front door so that they’re ready to go when you and your pet are!

Get Claw-Resistant Rugs

There’s not too much you can do to protect carpeting against cat claws and dog paws, but if you have hardwood or tile flooring, swap your rugs for low-cost, durable rugs made to withstand minor tears and scratches. The idea here is to eliminate or at least mitigate any possibility of your pet causing damage.

Keep Their Toys In One Easy To Access Location

It’s frustrating to wake up in the middle of the night and tiptoe down to the kitchen for a refreshing glass of milk, only to cause a heart attack from the squeaky toy you unexpectedly stepped on. What’s even more frustrating is legitimately hurting your foot or twisting your ankle because you accidentally stepped on one of your dog’s toys at the wrong angle.

By keeping your pet’s toys stored in a central basket or container (with no top on it), they’ll be able to access their toys at any time and you’ll have a go-to place to store them.

Litter Boxes Can Be Fashionable And Functional

For our fellow cat owners or soon-to-be cat owners, know that the litter box doesn’t have to be an open eyesore forcibly wedged between your toilet and shower tub. There are elegant solutions out there including small wooden boxes built around a space for your average-sized litter box. Paired with an odor-covering solution like an essential oil diffuser or large candle, you could even get away with placing the box in a more common area.

Keep Your Pet’s Vet Paperwork In One Secure Location

The last thing you want to do is scramble for your dog’s veterinary paperwork when you need it the most (likely only minutes before your appointment). Whether you use a filing cabinet or a cloud-based hard drive, keep your dog’s files organized accordingly for ease of access.

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