How to Keep Your Pets Safe In Colder Weather


The holidays are a time to go visit family in other states and spend some quality time with the ones you love. If you are planning on bringing your pets, you will want to make sure you are fully prepared. Depending on the state you are heading to, you may have to keep the cold in mind. While you can bundle up, your pet cannot, meaning you have to prepare to keep your dog or cat safe while in colder weather. We rarely experience horribly cold weather here in Florida, but it does happen. So, even if you aren’t leaving for the holidays, these tips can help ensure your pet is safe during those crazy Florida snow storms.

You could also choose to leave your pet with us at Royal Pet Market & Resort in Apopka, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, or Carrollwood. We are a pet resort that will take care of your pets while you are away. During their stay with us, your pet will have play time, time to spend outside, their own suite, and the care they need while you are away. You can even watch your pet through our webcams when you start to miss them!

While your pet is more than welcome to stay at our pet resort, we understand that sometimes you just want to bring them with you! If this is the case, be sure to read these pet care times for the colder states. Read now!

Add Layers

Be sure to check the weather wherever you are headed beforehand. If the temperatures drop below freezing, you will want to get your dog or cat a sweater or jacket. Depending on the length of your pet’s fur, the cold weather may be too much for them. A sweater can help keep them warm during any moments they spend outside. You can even try putting booties on your dog to help keep their paws from freezing. Booties can also protect your pet’s feet from the salt and other chemicals used to melt ice.

Limit Outside Time

While we are sure you won’t want to spend any more time in the cold than you have to, try not to let your dog spend too much time outside either. If you have a cat, try not to let them outside at all. They can relieve themselves in a litter box, making their outside time unnecessary. We know that your dog will likely want to get outside and play multiple times a day. Instead, try taking them on walks that are not too long, unless of course, it is not too cold out. Limiting their time outside can help protect them from getting frostbite in their ears and tail.

Bring Their Bed

If you are flying with your pet, bringing their bed is not a realistic option, but if you are driving, you can easily fit their bed in your car. Bringing their bed gives them a place to peacefully sleep in the warmth. Your dog or cat may be cold if they are left to sleep on tile or hardwood floors. Bring their bed and blankets to help keep them warm and happy during your vacation. Remember, your pet is not used to this weather either.

Use a Collar and Chip

Pets, especially dogs, can become lost easily during the winter. Especially if you are traveling to another state, you will want to make sure your dog is chipped and has a collar with up-to-date information. If there is snow where you are going, this can make it hard for your dog to pick up the scent and make it home. If you are in a different state, your pet will likely have no idea where to go if they become lost. Be sure you don’t spend the holidays searching for your pet — chipping them can help you get them back home safely!

Stay Away From Ice

If your relatives live by a lake or pond that freezes over, make sure your pet stays off of it. The ice may not support your pet’s weight and may break. This is extremely dangerous for your pet and could be fatal. Be sure to pay attention to your pets when there is ice in the area.

Watch Them Closely

When your pet is outside is not the only time you need to keep an eye on your pet. When they are inside, you will want to make sure they are safe as well. Whether your family has a fire in the fireplace or they have baseboard heaters or some other kind of heater that could be dangerous, you need to make sure your dog or cat is keeping their distance. Animals often love spending time in the warmth, especially pets that are not used to the cold. If you are all enjoying time around the fire, make sure your pet doesn’t wander a little too close. If they are laying need a heater, feel it to make sure it isn’t hot enough to burn them.

Keep Them Hydrated

The air is a lot drier during the winter, especially when you travel outside of Florida. Be sure to keep your pets properly hydrated by constantly having water for them to drink. Make sure the water doesn’t get too cold for them and keep an eye on their skin as well. Make sure it isn’t getting flaky and dry. Try to bathe them less during the winter to help keep their skin from drying out. So, basically, if you go out of town with them for the holidays, just don’t bathe them during your vacation.

Leave Them Home

If you are nervous about properly caring for your pet as you travel to a colder state or you simply want to keep them home, Royal Pets Market & Resort can help. Our pet boarding services will give your pet a home away from home while you are traveling. We will care for your pets the best we can and help ensure they enjoy their stay with us!

Even if you do choose to leave your pet with us at our Apopka, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, or Carrollwood locations, these tips may come in handy when the Florida weather takes a drastic turn. Contact Royal Pets today to learn more about our boarding services and remember to keep your pet safe during the colder months!

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