Is Your Dog Starting to Age? Here’s Why You Should Consider a Second Pup


For most parents, getting a family dog was probably the best decision they’ve ever made. Maybe you adopted a puppy post-engagement as a furry “practice child” or maybe you waited years later in life just to surprise the kids with the ultimate present. Regardless of your situation, a dog is a surefire way to bring more joy, energy, gratitude, and a simpler perspective on life to your household.

However, there comes a time over the years where your dog will, unfortunately, start to slow down. Like humans, dogs don’t live forever, and they will show signs of decreased energy and aging. Luckily, there is a fairly simple solution that will help extend your dog’s life — or, at least, quality of life — that will bring even more joy to your household.

Our St. Petersburg Pet Resort Encourages You to Get a Second Dog!

That’s right — there are a number of reasons why any dog owner should consider getting a second dog so long as you have the space, resources, money, and time to properly take care of them. No, we’re not suggesting this because you’ll probably drop by and give our pet resort and pet market more business (which, to be fair, is probably true).

Read below for some great reasons to add another canine member to your family.

Your Dog Will Have Constant Companionship When You’re Gone

Let’s face it; the family isn’t always around to take care of the dog. Many people lock their dogs up in their kennel when they go out to run errands or take a quick day trip so Fido doesn’t ruin anything in the house. Dogs, just like humans, experience emotions. With an extra large kennel or a sanctioned-off area where two dogs can happily spend time together, you’ll help alleviate any loneliness that would otherwise occur.

Training Will Be Easier

The old adage is true: you can teach an old dog new tricks, but you can also teach a new dog new tricks with more efficiency with the help of an old dog. Okay, maybe the latter isn’t an old adage, but you get our point.

If your old dog is trained and well-behaved, they’ll have no problem setting an example for your new dog. This also makes potty training a breeze which is always a nice plus.

Primary Companionship For You and Your Spouse (Or Even a Kid)

If you married someone who already owned a dog, you’ll notice that, while they have probably taken a liking to you, they’re definitely loyal and partial to their original owner. Of course, that’s completely understandable, but another perk of a second dog is that each partner of the relationship can own a dog that’s partial to them.

Coming from our St. Petersburg pet resort to you, trust us when we say that there’s nothing quite like the total devotion of a dog that’s all your own.

Raising a Puppy Can Help Teach Your Children the Value of Responsibility

When you bring a new dog home, even if they’re not a rescue puppy, your kids will likely be thrilled about it — as they should be! As a parent teaching your kids important life lessons, take advantage of this dynamic by having them help take care of the new and second family dog. This includes things like feeding them, taking them outside to take care of business, walking them, brushing them, and even accompanying them to vet to learn how important vet visits are as a dog owner.

Your Original Dog Will Be More Active

This is, perhaps, the single most important reason to get a second dog. By having a canine companion to constant play with, your “old” dog will have no trouble getting more exercise than they did before you brought your new dog home. In many cases, this literally extends the life of your dog who would otherwise be moping around the house wondering what to do or who to play with.

By trading naps for more time fighting over the tennis ball, your original dog will, at the very least, enjoy better health and a better overall quality of life going into advanced dog years.

Take Care Of Your Dog(s) at Our St. Petersburg Pet Hotel!

Going away on a family trip? Even if you now have two dogs, fear not. Royal Pets Market & Resort is here for you with multiple convenient locations across the greater Tampa area. Drop by today!

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