Puppy Training Tips – Part Two


Training your puppy is a lot of work, but it is extremely important if you want your pup to be well behaved. In part one of this blog, we discussed tips for leash and potty training your new pup. In part two, we are going to talk about some of the common commands to teach your puppy in order to keep them well behaved.

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Come Command

Teaching your pup to come is an important command. It can come in handy no matter where you are. To teach your pup to come, start in a quiet room and have your dog on the leash. Back away and say “come” once, but very enthusiastically. Have treats ready for when your pup finally makes it to you. You can show them the treats to encourage them to come towards you. Once your furry friend makes it to you, reward and praise them. “Come” is an extremely important command for your dog to learn, so you will want to make it exciting for them. Every time they come to you, celebrate and praise them. Slowly increase the distance to help your dog master this command.

Sit Command

Sit is a useful command and is often one of the first commands a dog learns. To teach them to sit, start with your puppy in the standing position. Hold a treat in front of your pups nose and raise it slowly while also moving it to the back of their head. As your puppy follows the treat with their nose, their butt will drop and they will end up in the sitting position. Once your pup gets to this position, praise and reward them. As your puppy starts to master this move, start adding a verbal command and hand signal for them to learn as well!

Stay Command

Stay is a great command to teach your pup as well. It can be used to get your dog to sit still and keep them safe from harm. To teach your dog to stay, simple start with them in the sitting or down position. Hold your hand out to your pup and tell them “stay.” After a moment of stillness reward them. Keep practicing until they begin to understand that they will get rewarded if they stay in a seated or down position. When you practice the stay command work on increasing the duration at which they can hold it, practice with distractions to help them master this command, and work on putting more distance between you and them while they continue to stay.

Down Command

After you teach your dog the sit command, you can teach them down. Start with your pup in a seated position and hold a treat in front of their face. Move the treat straight down to the floor and then slowly pull it away from your pup. Your dog should move their feet forward to follow the treat and end up in the down position. Be patient with this command. Some dogs will simply stand up and walk to the treat. Keep practicing and be sure to reward them when they finally lie down. Add in a verbal command and hand signal once they begin to learn.

These are a few of the most common commands that you will want to teach your puppy at a young age! Hopefully, this blog has helped you learn some simple tips to training your pup these basic commands. Be sure to stop by Royal Pets Market & Resort for all of the puppy supplies you need, grooming services, and vet services. Contact us to learn more!

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