Signs That Your Pet Needs To Go To The Vet

We know your pet is like a child to you, and you’d do anything for them. Most of us know the signs of a healthy, happy-go-lucky pet like the back of our hands. But what happens when your pet gets sick, or when something happens and they’re not quite as full of life as they used to be? And how do you know when to take them to a professional? At Royal Pets Market And Resort, our veterinary center offers superb care for your pet’s time of need through our on-site exam rooms, pharmacy, laboratory, and surgical facilities with monitoring equipment and digital X-ray technology. In addition to advanced diagnostics and surgery, we create wellness plans for your pet to live their happiest and healthiest life. In this blog, we’ll outline the signs that your pet needs to be taken to the vet, so that you can waste no time and make sure your loved one is the healthiest they can be.

Odd Eating Behaviors Or Gastrointestinal Problems

Pets occasionally vomit and that’s normal, as long as they’re eating well and acting like they feel well. However, if your pet vomits more than once or randomly over a period of weeks or months, or if the vomit contains blood or other foreign material, it’s time to take them to the vet. Dogs specifically will eat pretty much anything, and can easily consume things that are toxic to them. However, it’s also easy to tell when they’re not feeling well based on the fact that they won’t be eating normally. If your pet assumes a prayer-like position, it usually indicates abdominal pain and distress, and is another sign that they need medical attention. Some problems cause your pet to develop only unusual eating habits. If they are typically well-behaved, but begins raiding your kitchen for food, eating grass, or eating garbage, they should be taken in for a checkup.

2. A Rough Or Dry Coat

A pet with fur should have a coat that is shiny, soft, and thick. If their coat is dull, rough, or if your pet is losing hair, this is an indication of a problem. It could mean anything from a food allergy, to a skin disease. Excessive chewing or scratching at a rough patch could indicate an infection or allergies that should be evaluated by a professional. Fleas and ticks are a common problem for our loved pets, and in addition to causing itching and rough patches on our pet’s skin, they can also carry diseases that can affect your best friend or even you. For example, Mange and ringworm are diseases that are spreadable to people, and show signs through your pet’s skin and coat.

3. Behavior Or Energy Changes

If your pet is normally energetic, loving, and joyful, but all of a sudden becomes less social and begins hiding or even growling, it’s time to take them to a vet. The change in behavior typically means that they are in pain or uncomfortable, which is an indication of a greater problem with their health. Remember, they’re not trying to be bad, they are just trying to tell you that something is wrong.

4. Cloudy, Itchy, Or Red Eyes

Your pet’s eyes signal more than you’d think. They should be bright and clear. However, if there is a change in tear production, cloudy eyes, red eyes, your pet is squinting, or they’re trying to itch their eyes, they could have an injury or infection. Diseases affecting your pet’s eyes can progress rapidly and cause blindness, and they are easily treated with medication. If your pet is having trouble with their eyes, it’s time for them to see a professional.

At Royal Pets, we believe that “All Pets Who Enter, Shall Leave as Royalty,” and we stand by that in everything we do. You can trust our experienced, dedicated veterinary staff to take the utmost care of your beloved pet. Call us today.

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