Simple Tips For Pet Owners To Keep Their Neighbors Happy


For many people, an unexpected encounter with your cat or dog is probably a welcome one. You might be walking your dog down the block or letting your kitty venture around your front yard when they run up to greet a stranger all to have the same outcome: a pleasantly surprised individual. Truly, pets are ever-constant sources of joy that put smiles on the faces of pet owners and passerby alike.

Our Pet Market and Resort Encourages You to Be a Good Neighbor

There are, however, those who may not appreciate a random encounter with your pet, no matter how adorable he or she might be. Some people are extremely allergic to cats or dogs, while others just simply may not like them (despite how difficult that may be to believe). If you’ve recently moved houses while owning a cat or dog, the move may be just as stressful on them as it is for you, resulting in a bit of a restless or unruly temperament on their behalf.

When you move into a new neighborhood, one of the best things that you can do is to make sure that you’re starting things off on the right foot with your neighbors. Good impressions matter, and finding that your dog has repeatedly scratched the brand new paint job on your neighbor’s Escalade is only going to jeopardize things — badly.

So, for you pet owners who have recently moved or are about to move into a different house, here are a few relatively simple tips to help keep your new neighbors happy. To find the Royal Pets Market & Resort location nearest you, please visit here.

Get to Know Your Local Pet Laws

Even if you’ve moved 30 minutes away from where you previously lived, the local pet laws may have changed. You may be required to leash your pet any time they’re off your property, or pick up their waste and dispose of it at home. Granted, immediately taking care of pet waste and leashing your pet are things that you should already adhere to as a responsible pet owner, but save yourself a ticket (and judgment from your new, nosy neighbor) by following local pet laws and regulations.

Supervise Your Indoor Pets

Indoor pets don’t require any supervision if they remain inside, but should you choose to let them carefully explore the yard, don’t leave them out there alone. Not only could outdoor predators pose a threat to small cats and dogs, but your curious explorer could make their way into your neighbor’s yard and cause damage to their property or even get in a tuff with their pet.

Avoid an ugly situation by keeping a watchful eye on your indoor pet.

Make Sure That You Pet Is Neutered or Spayed

We love seeing young puppies and kitties at our pet market in Tampa Bay, but we’d prefer these little guys to enter the world intentionally. In other words, avoid any potential for an unwanted litter (and a non-consenting dog or cat) by spaying or neutering your pet. Even if they are “taken care of,” you’ll want to boldly discourage them from making any unwanted sexual advances to a neighboring pet in any circumstance.

Address Barking and Pet Noise Problems ASAP!

Above just about all else, loud barking and other unwanted pet noises are going to be the number one complaint of your new neighbors. Temper barking, or barking as a result of a cooped-up dog, can be prevented with regular exercise and making it outside on a daily basis. Giving your pet plenty of attention, as any responsible pet owner should, is key to a happy, healthy, and non-disruptive pet.

Should your darks incessant barking become a major issue with you and your neighbors, consider seeking out a professional dog trainer who can help quiet him or her down in a safe and loving manner.

Familiarize Them With the Area

If your dog (or outdoor cat) is particularly restless, it could be because they’re simply yearning to explore the new space around them. Go on walks and let them sniff around!

Get Your Pet Treats and Supplies From Our Tampa Bay Pet Market!

Whether you need a safe place for your beloved pet to stay while you’re away or you’re in need of pet supplies, Royal Pets Market & Resort has you covered. Drop by and give us a visit today!

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