Stinky Breath Got You Down? Keep Your Dog Smelling Fresh With These Tips


We love getting up close and personal with our dogs. What’s the point of having your own dog if you’re not roughhousing with them, petting them and constantly showing love and affection? It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why humans feel so drawn to embracing our canine relatives, but whatever the science is behind our connection to dogs, the truth is that we can’t seem to get enough of them!

Bad Dog Breath: It’s OK To Admit That It Can Be Offensive

However, getting up close to greet your dog and give them a big ol’ kiss on the muzzle (and receive an even sloppier kiss from them) has probably resulted in you turning your head, saying something along the lines of “pee-yew!” Sure, no one necessarily expects their dog to have that fresh-out-of-the-dentist smell, but there’s also no doubt that a good-smelling pup is a welcome thing for all dog owners. Has your dog been smelling less-than-fresh lately? Royal Pets Market & Resort in St. Petersburg carries all the supplies and know-how to help you and your dog in the smell department.

We do so much more than offer the greater Tampa Bay community with pet resort, pet grooming and veterinary services that owners can rely on. It’s in our name: we’re also a marketplace, carrying the latest and greatest products for your dog and/or cat. When it comes to addressing issues related to your dog’s…well, natural smell, we have exactly what you need. Learn more today!

Below, you can read about some practical tips and tricks to help your dog smell good and make those intimate cuddle times a little less…stinky.

Feed Your Dog Quality, Diet-Sensitive Food

If your dog has a sensitivity to a certain type of dog food, you’re not doing them (or yourself) any favors by continuing to feed them something that makes their stomach upset. “Bodily functions” naturally occur, but if you had the choice between an uber-gassy dog and a not-so-gassy dog, you’d probably choose the latter. Your dog’s nutrition does more than support their digestive system — things like breath and coat sheen are also affected by what your dog is eating.

If you are unsure as to what you should be feeding your dog or what the most nutritionally-optimal options are for your dog’s breed, our veterinarians are more than happy to work with you on the matter.

Wipe Your Dog Down

Was your dog outside having the time of their life by rolling around in dirt and whatever else was on the ground? Good for them! A happy dog makes a happy owner, but you don’t want them to track anything into your home. Dog wipes — even baby wipes — are gentle on your dog’s skin and are sure to effectively deodorize them. When you are wiping them down, just make sure to avoid wiping around the eyes and other sensitive areas. Spraying your dog’s bed down with a simple solution of water and vinegar isn’t a bad idea, either.


Keep Your Pup Well-Brushed

Constantly brushing a short-haired dog shouldn’t be too much of a concern, but for long-haired dogs that tend to shed a lot more during the warmer seasons, you’ll definitely want to keep up on all of that excess hair. Not only will this prevent loose hair from landing on your furniture, your bed, and your floors, but your dog’s coat and skin will also benefit. They’ll also naturally smell better! Even more so, frequently brushing your dog is a great bonding experience, and generally speaking, most dogs love the feeling of getting brushed as it is.

Wash Their Bedding Frequently, If Possible

Above, our pet market mentioned that occasionally spraying down your dog’s bed with a light mixture of vinegar and water will help fight against unwanted odors — which is true! However, this is only a temporary solution designed to keep their bedding fresh in between washes. Unless your dog simply refuses to sleep in their dedicated bed or they don’t spend much time in it, adding your dog’s bedding into your weekly washing regimen is something worth considering.

Keep Up On Your Dog’s Dental Health

In terms of reducing your dog’s bad breath, dental health is key! You don’t necessarily need to visit a doggie dental professional multiple times a year in order to make this happen; even a simple brushing at home here and there can make a noticeable difference. Not only will semi-regular brushing help fight against gingivitis and other forms of oral disease, but it will certainly keep your dog’s breath smelling less like their dog food.

Check Up On Their Ears

Though it might not be your first thought, your dog’s ears could be a potent source of their bad smell. Smelly ears could indicate a yeast infection or an ear mite infection, and if one of these conditions is actually the case, you’ll want to remedy it with the help of a professional veterinarian as soon as possible.

Stock Up On Breath-Freshening Products

Royal Pets Market & Resort carries a ton of treats and other products that will help turn your dog’s breath from nasty to strangely inviting. Your dog will appreciate the treats, and you’ll appreciate their breath. Everyone wins!

Take Your Dog To Our Pet Market In St. Petersburg For Fresh Solutions!
Of course, regardless of how your dog smells, you’ll always love and care for them just as they are. But why not have a great-smelling dog thanks to the products that you’ll find at our St. Petersburg pet market? Check out all of our locations in the Tampa Bay area today!

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