Summer Prep: Protecting Your Dog From Ticks And Fleas


Your pup wasn’t meant to spend their entire summer indoors. Certain breeds are more active than others, of course, but encountering something like ticks and fleas shouldn’t hold your dog back from joining your summer adventures. Indoor dogs are great and cuddly, but it’s our opinion here at Royal Pets Market & Resort that your canine companion should be able to join you by your side — and not worry about any flying pests ruining their time spent with you.

Enjoying A Safe And Adventurous Summer With Your Dog

It’s always pretty warm and humid down here in the Tampa Bay area, but summer is a time of year where ticks and fleas really become a problem for dogs. When you visit our pet supply shop and market in Tampa, you’ll find a range of safe and effective products intended to help get rid of your dog’s unwanted freeloaders, ensuring that they go away and stay away for time to come. After all, doesn’t your dog deserve a tick and flea-free existence? We think so.

With our help, we encourage you and your dog to get out there and explore the open outdoors this summer. Don’t let ticks and fleas control your dog’s life!

Staying Flea and Tick-Free With The Help Of Our Pet Market In Tampa

Below, Royal Pets Market & Resort is going to cover a few effective ways to help prevent ticks and fleas from making your dog their new, temporary home. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the products we carry or how our veterinary clinic can help your pup live their healthiest life. Let’s take a look!

Ward Them Off With A Flea Collar

Constantly reapplying a topical solution can get old for both you and your dog. A flea collar is an effective way to prevent these nuisances from attaching onto your dog, and all you really have to do is buy one and simply put it around their neck. If you’re savvy with essential oils and you prefer to take more holistic routes when it comes to the health and wellness of your dog, you can even make your own flea collar!

To make your own, all you need is some water, a bandana, and about three to five drops of lavender or cedarwood essential oil. These essential oils have shown promise in keeping fleas at bay, and also offer a solution that won’t potentially harm your dog’s skin. Use a little water to dilute the essential oil mixture, and coat a bandana in the solution. Boom! Your dog looks cute and should repel fleas with no problems. Ideally, get a new bandana and re-saturate it about once a week.

Use A Flea Comb With The Power Of Limonene

Another safe and effective solution is to use lemon water, combined with a brush or a comb, to manually weed out fleas from your dog’s coat. Boil a pot of water, throw in some fresh lemon slices (or pour boiling water over said lemon slices), and let it cool. Then, dip your dog’s comb or brush in the liquid, saturating it thoroughly. Limonene, a terpene found in lemons and other citrus-based foods, has been found to help kill and repel fleas.

Keep An Eye Out For Ticks During The Warmer Months

If your dog has been romping around, do them a favor by simply checking them over for any tickets that may be attached to their hair. Your dog isn’t likely to feel ticks, but may itch themselves just as they would with fleas. Catching the presence of ticks early is extremely important, even if you’ve applied a preventative on your dog’s coat. The sooner you’ve identified ticks, the sooner you can manually remove them or visit one of our veterinarians to examine your dog.

Learn More About Tick And Flea Prevention From Our Tampa Pet Market!

To us, every dog is unique and special, requiring different needs. That’s why Royal Pets Market & Resort carries just about everything that you could possibly need for your pup. Visit one of our Tampa Bay pet market locations today to take care of your dog!

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